Cruelty is as American as Thanksgiving with Adam Serwer


This week, Ana (@anamariecox) sat down with The Atlantic’s Adam Serwer (@AdamSerwer) to talk about the Trump Administration’s inhumane policy of separating children from their parents detained at America’s southern border. Adam wrote a story in The Atlantic about how this policy is the realization of Trumpism, and laid out the argument he makes in the piece: that this policy is the natural byproduct of Trump’s political appeal, and builds off an American tradition of doing horrible things to black and brown children. He and Ana proceeded to examine the central importance of cruelty to this policy, and to much of what else Trump does.

Ana covered Trump’s rally in Duluth on Wednesday for Rolling Stone, and shared some of her reflections on it at the end of the show.

You can find Ana’s story from Duluth in full here.

Ana referenced another piece of Adam’s in The Atlantic, “The Nationalist’s Delusion,” which you can find here.

Adam cited this Atlantic piece from his colleague, and friend of the pod, Vann Newkirk II.

Ana and Adam also mentioned a Vanity Fair piece about Stephen Miller.