"Talking Ableism, Hashtag Appropriation and Rom-Coms with Keah Brown"


This week, writer, journalist, and disability rights activist Keah Brown joins Ana for a difficult conversation about disability, ableism, and body positivity. Their wide-ranging conversation begins with Keah detailing how she’s worked to find self love and body positivity and a discussion on the lack of representation disabled people face in movies and popular culture writ large. They then turn to Keah’s desire not to be pigeonholed as a writer, and the pro’s and con’s of using Twitter to connect with other people. The conversation ends on an important note, when Ana apologizes for using ableist language, and the importance of looking at disability as something that is not static, but that comes in a variety of forms, as well as the need for privileged people to leave their comfort zones and be willing to make mistakes to expand their own horizons.

Then, Crooked Contributor Erin Ryan stops by to answer a listener question about navigating romantic relationships across a political divide. Ana and Erin come to the consensus that debating from similar source material, and talking to rather than past each other is essential. Sometimes to hear someone, you have to accept that you might not convince them you’re right.