"Turning Off the Gaslight with Rebecca Carroll and Amy Sullivan"


WNYC’s Rebecca Carroll [2:58] gives us her perspective on an aspect of #MeToo we should be talking about more: the denigration of black women. Also, if you thanked black women on Twitter for Doug Jones’ win in Alabama, you might want to listen in for some tips on how to put that support into concrete action.

Then, [36:28] writer Amy Sullivan helps us unpack a listener question about abortion, religion and politics. Specifically: why hasn’t the Left followed the Right’s lead in framing abortion as a religious issue? Ana and Amy reaffirm that, yes, it is possible to be pro-choice and a person of faith.

Our guests have pods, too! Stay tuned for Rebecca’s upcoming show Black Folk, which will air on WNYC.

Amy has a podcast about politics and religion, called Impolite Company, which you can find on iTunes.

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