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"The Axe Files with David Axelrod," Ep. 225, 3/15/2018

Ana joined David Axelrod at SXSW to discuss her journalism career from Wonkette to Crooked Media, and how an attempted suicide seven years ago changed her life and led her to turn to faith.


"Space the Nation: Something Fishy About Sex," Syfy 3/13/2018


"But even then, the Star Trek universe — and most popular science fiction — tends to err on the familiar side of odd couples; the romantic pairings may raise questions about gender or identity, but usually stop short of exploring intermingling with species whose bodies or notions of reproduction are truly different from ours. I’d categorize multiple sets of breasts as comical wish fulfillment, not actual boundary-pushing. Mork getting pregnant with an egg, however, is more radical than primetime usually gets credit for."

"The Gifts of Faith: Cultivating Resilience" Panel at SXSW with Bree Newsome, Noor Tagouri, and Ben Howe, 3/13/2018


Ana joined Bree Newsome, Noor Tagouri, and Ben Howe for a thought-provoking conversation at SXSW. You can hear the whole thing here.





"Space the Nation: Why Are Guns So Rare In Genre Fiction?" Syfy, 3/6/2018

"Even in futuristic science fiction, however, a strain of “Fantasy Gun Control” is at work: One of the most prevalent innovations in fighting weapons of sci-fi is that they are non-lethal. Sure, there are tasers in our world, but they are both cumbersome and not as reliably harmless or graceful as simply 'setting phasers to stun.'"

"Monday Morning Politics with Ana Marie Cox," The Brian Lehrer Show 3/4/2018


Ana joined The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC to talk about the latest developments in the Trump Administration.





"Trump actually thinks executing drug dealers would help. That's the problem." Washington Post 2/28/18


"There’s no real need to explain that the summary execution of drug dealers is a bad idea, though it is a very, very bad idea. It’s enough to note that the country already tried an aggressive enforcement approach to drug crimes — the four-decade-long war on drugs — and among experts and law enforcement officers themselves, it is almost universally acknowledged as a massive failure in economic and practical terms. (Trump’s Justice Department is a notable outlier in that assessment.)"

"Space the Nation: To the Victor Go the Spoils," Syfy 2/20/18


The Trope: The Olympics themselves are an overstuffed vehicle for corruption and graft — a more honest approach to the spectacle would include events like “palm greasing” and “indoor pocket padding.” But they manage to captivate us nonetheless; overnight curling experts are born, and gender expectations fade away when you’re watching a breathtaking figure skating routine. Is the appeal of sports truly universal? In genres that reward imagination, what kind of feats get the gold?

The Last Word, 02/09/18

"The unifying theme for all the things we're talking about really is abuse of power, and the personalization of power."

"Overdue Diligence," The New Republic, 02/08/2018 


"I’m not the first and won’t be the last to note that the hyperbole of #MeToo skeptics who equate one’s career and one’s life never seems to apply to those who suffer harassment."




"Space the Nation: Are We Being Watched?" Syfy, 2/6/18


"Perhaps the catalyst for nightmares about surveillance as a tool of authoritarianism, then, wasn’t any leap forward in the means of surveillance but an innovation in the means of authority. You don’t need modern communications technology so much as a modern police force and its lethal efficiency."

WNYC SOTU Reaction 1/31/2018

Ana joined the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC in the wake of a State of the Union like no other. Check out her thoughts here.

"Embracing the Frog: My Winding Journey to Becoming a TCU Diehard," Sports Illustrated 12/21/2017


"By now, you may have put together that I became a TCU fan not long after I got sober. I can’t pin down the exact moment that Frogs football moved from something to chat about on Saturday to something to fight about with strangers online, but I do remember being smitten in the 2012 season."

"Al Franken isn't being denied due process. None of these famous men are." Washington Post 12/7/2017

"Most Democrats who spoke up for him initially were reluctant to reach for the weapons that less woke partisans might use: It is unseemly for a good liberal to slut-shame an accuser, and outright denial of the women’s stories run up against the progressive value of believing the powerless when they speak against the powerful."


"Some Thoughts On My Senator, Al Franken," Esquire 11/21/17 

"I am a constituent of Senator Al Franken. I voted for him. I gave a copy of his latest book to my dad. I've met him a handful of times. I think he's done good, if not great, work in office representing my interests.

In light of the allegations against him, I think he can do even more good by stepping down."

"President Trump thinks he understands addiction. He's wrong." Washington Post 10/27/2017

"One has to wonder sometimes if Trump is truly ignorant of history — in this case, the country’s costly and monumentally ineffective war on drugs — or simply so besotted with his own inner monologue that he rambles from one pat psuedo-revelation to another without bothering to check it against his still-probably-scanty knowledge of what’s come before."

"Goodbyes Can Be Awkward," New York Times 10/19/2017


"I suspect that feigning interest in anecdotes that must test even the teller’s own patience also let them know that I was in this for the long haul; even better, the questions I asked after some interminable yarn showed them I wouldn’t be satisfied by the narrative trinkets they’d bought others off with. I was genuinely curious; I wanted more."


"This Week in Garbageville: Tapes or No Tapes? That is the Question," MTV News 6/23/2017


"The Senate’s health care bill finally emerged from its secret drafting process and was made public on Thursday. The so-called Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 reads like a political suicide note, promising to do things that are sure to make an already unpopular Obamacare repeal process absolutely toxic, such as make increasingly severe cuts to Medicaid that would disproportionately affect the poor and elderly. In other words, while this act would continue the health care system’s disproportionate cruelty toward women and communities of color if enacted, it would also hit the so-called white working class."

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"President Trump is Now a Possibility. And That's Terrifying." Daily Beast, 1/31/16


"Like many members of the media, I have spent much of the past six months pretending I have some idea of what will happen in the presidential election. Specifically, I have maintained a sanguine and somewhat bemused certainty that, whatever else happens, there will be no President Trump.

Today, with every meaning of this phrase, I fear I have been mistaken."

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"These Are the Reasons Why Cats Still Rule the Internet," Mother Jones 5/13/15


"I was at a small conference on religion and public policy recently—the Faith Angle Forum, it’s called. It’s a pretty heady affair with Serious Journalists talking Serious Subjects: the theological-versus-cultural origins of ISIS’s brutality, whether you can use “principled pluralism” to bring together the left and right regarding gay marriage, and—headiest of all—a presentation from the former chief rabbi of England on “religious solutions to religious environments.”

So, obviously, I was sneaking in some cat-picture viewing between sessions. (This is a proven productivity practice and a much needed source of solace in discussing these troubled times.) I was also particularly tickled to inform the other attendees, during the Islamic State panel, that one of my favorite cat photo platforms, BuzzFeed, also has been doing some pretty stellar reporting on ISIS’s use of social media. There were surprised but polite murmurs!"

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"Politicians: They're Not Like Us. But Some Folks Sure Love to Eat Photo-Op Corndogs," Guardian 8/15/14


"Adopting a summer-y populist pose reached an absurd level of vulgarity here in Minnesota, where independently wealthy US Senate candidate Mike McFadden released an ad that shows him getting hit in the nuts while coaching little league football. Nothing says “man of the people” like a groin injury." 

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"Breaking! Day One for Obama's New Press Secretary!" GQ 2/15/11


"The standing-room-only crowd in the White House briefing room might lead one to believe something important was going to happen there today, but you could ask any one of them there: Former Time magazine White House correspondent Jay Carney's debut on the other side of the podium was less a news event than a ritual."

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