Behind the Scenes

Ana Marie Cox is a political columnist and culture critic. She is the senior political correspondent for MTV News and conducts the "Talk" interviews featured in The New York Times Magazine. Since starting the snarky political blog Wonkette in 2004, she has worked at a bewildering variety outlets, including Time magazine, GQ, Air America, and The Guardian. Prior to Wonkette, she was an editor at Mother Jones and at the webzine She is the author of the romantic comedy novel Dog Days.

Ana gained attention in 2008 for being an early, enthusiastic adopter of Twitter and quickly amassed a following of 1.3 million. Stunned and surprised as anyone by that development, she's since written about social media as a cultural and political phenomenon and lectured on the intersection of social media and social activism at The University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics and All Soul’s College at Oxford University.

You may have read that she's a Christian now, too. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband, John Ramonas, and their two cats, Luke and Leia (The Jedi Twins).

You can also follow her on Tumblr and Instagram.